Cavok UAS

Our services


In the case where the need of a drone is punctual, the realization of missions in the form of hiring with our team will be the most economic solution.

In the general case, we propose our various models of UAVs in configurations studied in relation to the mission need, consult us for the realization of a personalized estimate.

Our industrial capacity allows us to offer you a quick response and optimized delivery times.

After sales services

Designed and manufactured in France, our machines benefit from a remarkable reliability.

We offer different types of warranty :
- warranty extension
- assistance contract to ensure the availability of your machines with a quick diagnosis
- preferential rate on spare parts…

Cavok UAS


Cavok UAS offers training in the piloting and use of drones.

These trainings apply to :

- the assembly and preparation of the drone
- mission planning and automated flight
- the use of payloads
- the exploitation of the collected data
- the maintenance of the drone

Learning and preparation of flights are possible on an advanced simulator in order to increase the safety of flights.

Assistance with regulatory procedures

Cavok UAS offers assistance in carrying out your regulatory procedures, thanks to the synergy with our group's entities.

Our team of experienced technicians and engineers will assist you in carrying out your projects, particularly in the preparation of flight authorizations, SORA preparation…

Integration of payloads

Cavok UAS technical teams have extensive experience in the integration of all types of payloads on UAVs, including :

- optronic gimbals and observation systems
- jammers / anti-drone systems
- IMSI-catchers
- communication relays
- measurement and analysis sensors…

As well as solutions for aerial work and logistics :

- winch, recovery system
- cable reel
- compartments and transport boxes…